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Even though we have been recognized as specialized photobooth photographers for a while now, most friends and family has also seen us run around with our digital SLRs doing many one-off weddings and generally acknowledged that we do weddings. We first started at a best friend's wedding, which he was pleased with, and then another friend asked us to take engagement shoots, which also turned out good. Word got around and that friends would save a lot of money if we could just take photos of their weddings. At first, it was stressful. Which shots to take? What locations? How to take THE shot in the right position at the right time and yet not be obtrusive? Mindlessly, we just continued accepting one-offs because after all, we loved taking photos and people appreciated our work.

I think our story is similar with countless amateurs who graduated to become pros. Throughout the jobs, we've slowly come to acquire all our wedding purposed equipment, established our unique shooting techniques, and built our knowledge base. Crossing this stage in our career and getting many more requests from people outside our immediate network, we decided to do wedding photography in a more official capacity.

Our Services

Since we're a bunch of engineers who owns expensive cameras, we are actually capable of quite a bit more than just mobile studios.

Mobile Studio and Photobooth

Hey! This is by far our favorite activity. The tech is built by the team. No other vendors have what we've got. Our photos are high res 300dpi. Our photos are edited on the spot. Our photos are uploaded and available for download. Our photos have frames that are 100% custom designed for each wedding. You get what you pay for. This is not a step-in-box-and-press-button entertainment. This is a "Wow...professional photos..." type of deal.

Wedding Photography

We know you've talked to a million vendors and is tired, so let's get down to business and skip the wishy washy marketing. Watch one of our videos and you'll know exactly what you'll get. Imagine yourself in those pictures, and you'll know whether we are the right fit or not. They're only about 2.5 minutes long, so at least enjoy the music if you didn't think the photos are your style. We don't hire freelancers to show up on our behalf. The same three cameramen above will appear at your wedding.

Web Design

Know what, we're actually all full-time engineers from UBC and SFU. Photography is our passion, but we know how to build bridges, apps, and websites too. You might want a special website for your event, an app for sharing photos, or how about a website like www.MYNAME.com? Yes, we can do it all (might be a bit involved if you really did want a bridge), so get creative and let us know about your fun engineering/tech ideas!


Every year we participate in various organizations to assist with non-profits. We've done photoshoots for childrens of adopted families, websites for business associations, and photobooths for chambers of commerce. We often get inquiries as to whether we can help. Answer: We're happy to give back and help the community!

Recent Works

We love what we do. We do what we love. Proof below.

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I'm sure you would like to meet us in person some time before your event, so please SMS, whats'app, email, or of course phone us :) Happy to take calls after business hours or weekends!

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